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Stacy Abrams.png

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams is a voting rights advocate and politician. Following her 2018 run for governor of Georgia, Abrams started a nonprofit organization called Fair Fight Action that focuses on promoting fair elections in her own state of Georgia, and throughout the nation. Stacey Abrams has said that “democracy only works when we work for it, when we fight for it, when we demand it.”

Stacey Abrams advocates for voting rights and the election of leaders that support them. She and Fair Fight Action fought hard to impact the results of the 2020 Georgia Senate races. 


Amanda Gorman Paper Doll.png

amanda gorman

I have always loved making paper dolls of inspiring women. Amanda Gorman is the youngest poet to read at a Presidential Inauguration. She wore a bright yellow Prada coat and a beautiful red headband that looked like a crown. Download this doll and cut out the clothes. Make some of your own designs for Amanda. Watch my videos on YouTube for more ideas for paper dolls!

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